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"I first worked with Tiff while on the US U20 Women's National team. While at first skeptical, she quickly became an invaluable resource for players to confide in. Tiff was an important piece of the puzzle while we pursued the elusive status of calling oneself "the best in the world."  Tiff possesses the rare quality of being able to relate to people and understanding their problems without judgment. With the ability to quickly decode what the situation and the person needs to hear, she offers sound advice, can be a good ear or will shake you until you snap back into reality.

Adept at team building, Tiff created games and activities that helped our team focus on what was important in order to become the best team in the world. She helped steer all of our individual drives and ambitions into one distinct and clear direction.  Most importantly, in a world that undervalues kindness, Tiff is the embodiment of caring. You can't help but feel better after being in her company."  - Meghan Klingenberg (Member of USA Women’s National Soccer Team)



“I think we came together after a talk with our sports psychologist Tiffany [Jones]. That turned us around,” Swanson said. “She told us to play for ourselves and get out there and do what we do best and we are all great athletes at a D-I school and they are capable of doing that. We turned it around after that conversation.”  

The conversation was exactly what the Owls needed to hear to change the course of the season.

“I think it was a huge spark, our whole season turned around after we talked to her. It was huge.”

- Printed in Atlantic Sun Insider (May 11, 2011)  

Kennesaw State Women’s Softball 2011 Regular Season Conference Champions

“As a business leader, the importance of ‘trust’ is at the top of the list.  Working w Tiffany over the years on business and with her individual coaching of our student-athlete the first word that comes to mind about Tiffany’s role is ‘trust’.  I continue to work with and value Tiffany’s insight on new trends on building teams and inspiring people.”  - Robin Bienfait. Retired CIO of RIM