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Are you having difficulty managing and coaching “today’s” athletes?  Do your athletes have trouble retaining information?  Does providing feedback to your athletes (even if positive) create problems?  How about communicating with your athletes and/or their parents?  You are not alone.  Learn how to manage today’s athletes and help them reach their excellence, along with the following areas:

-         Teaching life skills so you can then coach

-         Developing mental toughness in your team

-         Incorporating mental skills training directly into your practices

-         Helping your athletes fail so they can succeed


"The value of working with a sport psychologist of Dr. Jones’ caliber is immeasurable.  She provides our student-athletes and coaches with tools to utilize on a daily basis, and challenges them to implement these strategies within their respective teams.  Specifically, our coaches are given a “Coach Playbook” with various exercises to continue leadership development and help us become more effective mentors."  

    -Sophie Dennis, Coordinator of Student-Athlete Wellness, William Smith Athletics