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Who we are: X-Factor Performance is a sport and performance psychology consulting company specializing in mental skills training for athletes, teams & coaches, youth clubs, parents, & companies.  We believe by building relationships with our clients, we can better understand how to meet their needs through our innovative workshops and creative individual sport and performance psychology training programs

X-Factor Performance Consulting provides our clients with the skills and training that they need to compete in every aspect of their individual and collective excellence.
How we achieve this: By using Athlete Assessments’ sports profiling products in order to help our clients make significant improvements in their performance.  Self-awareness is the first step; therefore we use sport-specific behavioral profiling to allow us & our clients to understanding how their unique personality, behaviors, strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and beliefs shape their professional lives.  To learn more about Athlete Assessments and the products used, please go to: www.athleteassessments.com

My Goal:  As President & Owner of X-Factor Performance Consulting, my goal is to help all athletes & professionals reach their individual personal excellence in all aspects of life.  This goal has shaped my practice, and the athletes with whom I have worked with.  My style is unconventional, and the positive results speak for themselves.  To read more about Dr. Tiff’s methods, and to see personal testimonials from clients, click here.